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Koha 3.16 General Release ya disponible!!!!

25 de mayo de 2014

La comunidad internacional de Koha acaba de liberar Koha 3.16.0, uno de los dos cambios de versión de Koha de 2.014

Koha 3.16 es una nueva versión de mejora de sistema y de corrección de bugs, incluye 6 nuevas funcionalidades e incorpora 197 mejoras

Algunas de las mejoras de la nueva versión:

  1. Mejoras en los esquemas de compatibilidad de RDA y
  2. Los usuarios pueden eliminar filtros en los resultados de las consultas.
  3. El historia de búsqueda ahora puede editarse y visualizarse en el administrador del sistema.
  4. Las devoluciones de préstamos ahora pueden asignarse a cualquier fecha.
  5. Permite la adquisición en ‘batch’ a partir de un fichero de adquisiciones.
  6. Mejora del proceso de reindexación de registros, ahora se activa automáticamente al editar o modificar un registro.
  7. Acceso a la información de adquisiciones desde el registro bibliográfico
  8. Los usuarios ahora pueden compartir listas privadas.
  9. Diferentes mejoras de rendimiento.
  10. Actualización plantilla Marc21 v.17.


Koha 3.16.0 released

The Koha community is pleased to announce the release of version 3.16.0 of the Koha library automation system.

Koha 3.16 is an enhancement and bugfix release. Changes of particular note include:

  • There is now the ability to use different templates for notices based on how the notice is to be sent. For example, is now possible to use different wording for email and SMS hold notifications.
  • Users can now unselect active facets when refining search results.
  • Search history can be now displayed and managed in the staff interface.
  • Loan checkins can now be backdated to an arbitrary date.
  • Holds can now be individually suspended and resumed from the OPAC.
  • Creating orders from staged files now offers much more flexibility.
  • The public reports service can now accept report parameters.
  • There is experimental support for Plack for development use.
  • The index update script can now operate as a daemon, allowing the indexes to be updated within seconds of a catalog record getting updated.

There are many more enhancements, detailed in the release notes below.

There are also a number of improvements under the hood, particularly for internationalization. It is now possible to mark strings in the Perl source code for translation, and translation of strings in the JavaScript source code can now include placeholders. Also, a newer version of jQueryUI is now used by the staff interface.

Koha can be downloaded from, and Debian packages of Koha 3.16.0 will be available shortly.

As release manager for Koha 3.16, I would like to thank everybody who contributed patches, documentation, testing, moral support, money, and time to the effort. It is truly a team effort.


22 May 2014

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package 
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, 
volunteers, and support companies from around the world.  
The website for the Koha project is 

Koha 3.16.0 can be downloaded from: Installation instructions can be found at: OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball Koha 3.16.0 is a major release, that comes with many new features. It includes 6 new features, 197 enhancements to existing features, and 390 bugfixes. Important notice ================ The "prog" and "CSSR" public catalog themes were deprecated upon the release of Koha 3.14.0. They are expected to be removed from Koha upon the release of Koha 3.18.0, which is scheduled for November 2014. Users should plan on upgrading to the Bootstrap them as soon as possible. New features in 3.16.0 ====================== Acquisitions ---------- 8230 The ordered status is now displayed on the staff bib details page. This is enabled by the new AcquisitionDetails system preference 11665 It is now possible to place orders from the holds ratio report Command-line Utilities ---------- 6435 now has the ability to run as a daemon by specifying the -daemon switch. This allows the Zebra index to be updated within seconds of a bibliographic or authority record being changed, rather than waiting several minutes for a cronjob Lists ---------- 9032 It is now possible for a patron to invite another to share a private list. When an invitation is made, it is sent out via email, and the recipient has the option to confirm the invitation. Searching ---------- 10862 The staff interface now retains and displays bib and authority search history, allowing staff members to easily re-run searches. This is enabled by the new preference EnableSearchHistory. Tools ---------- 9016 It is now possible to use different templates for notices depending on the message transport. For example, if the library sends out overdue notices via email and SMS, it is now possible to use different templates. This feature is referred to as "multi transport types". Enhancements in 3.16.0 ====================== Acquisitions ---------- 7180 Order from staged file improvements: one can now place multiple orders on records from a staged file in one fell swoop, selecting which titles one wants to order. In addition, order fields can be populated from the MARC records based on a mapping set up via the MarcFieldsToOrder system preference. 7267 Display account number in PDF 7288 Add filter to invoice page to only display invoices related to subscriptions 7308 Display base-level amount ordered in fund management 9261 Allow librarians to make purchase suggestions for patrons 9416 Add vendor note field to order line record 9807 It is now possible to view a basket group without reopening it 10090 The ordered and spent pages now display the item type description rather than the code 10875 The form for adding a new order from a staged file now longer displays inactive funds by default 10922 Now displays whether prices include tax or do not include tax when creating a new order 11027 There is now a column for basket groups in late orders table 11141 The receiving form now retains the search filters that staff set on the pending orders list. 11429 There is now a link to basket group on the basket detail page 11435 Basket group information is now displayed on the acquisitions tab in the staff bib details page 11459 The description of the OrderPdfFormat preference is improved 11551 It is now possible to search on parent order number on the advanced orders search page 11552 It is now possible to search on the original order line number after transferring an order 11578 The funds management page now uses a tree for displaying parent and child funds, make their relationships more clear. 11579 The order number is now displayed on the basket page 11763 The fund action links on the funds management page are now consolidate on a menu 11828 German-language templates for order PDFs are now available 11864 The parent order line number is now displayed on the received orders table Architecture, internals, and plumbing ---------- 7372 The list of road types was moved from a database table to a new authorized value, ROADTYPE 9823 GetReservesFromBiblionumber was refactored to remove an unnecessary return value and to use named parameters 10277 A new routine, C4::Context->IsSuperLibrarian, was added to consolidate the check of whether the current user has superlibrarian privileges 10533 The JavaScript functions for managing basket groups were moved to a separate file 10789 Removed incorrect uses of $sth->finish in C4::Acquisitions 10809 The branches TT plugin is now used by serials search 10983 Removed unused subroutines in C4:Budgets 11032 Several routines in C4::Biblio now verify that valid MARC::Record objects are passed to them 11051 Removed unnecessary SQL queries in GetBranches, improving the speed of public catalog searches 11182 Removed spurious logged warnings in circulation 11268 Increased the width of the biblioitems URL field 11333 The validation plugin is now used by the CSV profile forms 11386 Standardize validation on the subscription add/edit form 11389 Re-enabled PostgreSQL as a database scheme that Koha can connect to. Note that PostgreSQL support for Koha remains a work in progress. 11468 Removed use of smartmatch from DateUtils 11474 Removed experimental given/when from C4::Utils::Datatables 11478 Removed experimental given/when from Koha::SimpleMARC 11479 Removed experimental given/when from C4::MarcModificationTemplates 11518 Added new method to Koha::Schema::Result::Item to return the effective item type 11539 Removed disused C4::Barcodes::PrinterConfig module 11555 Make "All" one of the default options for choosing the number of rows in a DataTables table to display 11562 Sort the preferences in sysprefs.sql alphabetically 11605 The list of rows to display for DataTable option now uses the global default where possible. 11730 Make C4::Charset use C4::Context 11751 Removed dead code related to handling members of institution patrons 11766 The validation plugin is now used by the authority type form 11767 The validation plugin is now used by the authority framework tag form 11769 The validation plugin is now used by the MARC framework form 11771 The validation plugin is now used by the MARC framework tag form 11785 The validation plugin is now used when uploading local cover images 11787 The validation plugin is now used by the vendor form 11788 The validation plugin is now used by course reserve forms 11789 The validation plugin is now used by the list form 11791 The validation plugin is now used by the city form 11792 The validation plugin is now used by the currency form 11793 The validation plugin is now used by the item type form 11795 The validation plugin is now used by the Z39.50 server form 11805 The validation plugin is now used by the order basket form 11806 The validation plugin is now used by the OAI set form 11957 Removed disused sample_only_param_tables.sql 11960 Replaced unnecessary call of GetMemberDetails by CanBookBeRenewed, thereby improving performance 11975 The batch patron deletion code received various improvements Authentication ---------- 11146 The page that is displayed when a staff user does not have permission to perform a given operation now includes a link to go back to the previous page Cataloging ---------- 9366 The MARC editor now has a widget to control the display of the MARC tags 9673 The item record now has date fields to track when an item is mark lost or is withdrawn 10970 The MARC21 frameworks were updated to Update Number 17 11746 The record details page now has direct links to edit items Circulation ---------- 7413 Circulation policies can now be set to control how long a patron must wait before being allowed to renew a loan. 8231 The check-in page now displays a warning if the patron is restricted 10694 The check-in page can now allow the operator to specify an arbitrary return date. This is enabled using the new system preference SpecifyReturnDate 10859 The checkout page can now alert the operator if the patron already has a different item on the same bib on loan. This feature is enabled using the AllowMultipleIssuesOnABiblio system preference. 10863 There are two new circulation permissions related to patrons who have restrictions. The force_checkout permission controls whether an operator is allowed to check out an item to a restriction patron, while the manage_restrictions permission controls whether the operator is able to add or remove restrictions. 11040 The CircAutoPrintQuickSlip preference now has a new option to print a regular slip. 11359 The library overdues report now includes columns for the patron barcode and phone number 11486 The number of renewals left is now displayed on the checkout and patron details pages 11561 With the implementation of multi transport types, preventing the generation of duplicate hold print notices. If no other transports can be used for a hold notice, it will continue to default to print 11630 The parsing of age restriction markers is now more flexible, and can now accommodate cases where the marker is immediately followed by the age Command-line Utilities ---------- 7844 There is now a sample Plack configuration for developer use that handles both staff and public catalog interfaces 10782 Debian packages now include a koha-mysqlcheck script for running integrity checks on Koha databases 10955 is now able to skip processing deletions, allowing record deletions to be handled in a separate run overnight 11078 now uses a lockfile to prevent multiple processes from attempting to make simultaneous changes 11278 now has the ability to use a user-supplied Perl module to manipulate records prior to import. It also has more options for verbose logging 11441 The --aut switch for is no longer required. If it is omitted, the job will remove all unused authorities, regardless of type. 11484 now has an option to purge Z39.50 results from the reservoir 11850 now has an option to append to its logfile Course reserves ---------- 11866 Course reserves information can now be viewed without requiring special permissions on the part of staff operators Database ---------- 3445 Several indexes were added to the action_logs table to improve performance Documentation ---------- 11238 Online help now dynamically constructs links to the appropriate version of the Koha manual Hold requests ---------- 11138 The example crontabs now include the auto-unsuspend holds job I18N/L10N ---------- 7934 Separate PO files are now generated for help pages 8044 (also bug 11848) It is now possible to make strings embedded in Perl scripts translatable like this: use Koha::I18N print gettext('my translatable text'); 10964 Updated the German MARC21 default framework to Update Nr. 17 (September 2013) 11495 Instances of text "Select titles to: " in the Bootstrap theme are now translatable 11631 The translation toolchain now ignores certain useless translatable strings 12138 Placeholders can now be used when setting up strings in JavaScript code to be translatable. For example: _("Are you sure you want to delete the %s attached items?").format(count) Installation and upgrade (web-based installer) ---------- 10138 Updates to authorized values in the French see data 12113 Updates to German seed data 12275 Small corrections to English seed data Label/patron card printing ---------- 12018 Added table sorting to the list of patron card batches MARC Authority data support ---------- 8334 There is now a field plugin for 100 fields in UNIMARC authority record MARC Bibliographic data support ---------- 11330 The MARC21 bibliographic frameworks seed data now has more consistent field and subfield descriptions among the various frameworks 11453 The English default UNIMARC bibliographic framework is now up-to-date MARC Bibliographic record staging/import ---------- 10500 By turning on the new AggressiveMatchOnISBN, the staged MARC record importer can now include variations when looking for matching records by ISBNs. Note that at present, AggressiveMatchOnISBN searches on ISBN variations only when the UseQueryParser preference is turned off. 10558 The list of records in an import batch is now displayed using an AJAX DataTable, improving responsiveness and making it possible to sort results. 10811 The English seed data now includes an import matching rule on biblionumber (999$c) Notices ---------- 11598 Added --text option to overdue_notices similar to --html option Public Catalog ---------- 10774 Hold requests can now be individually suspended or resumed from the public catalog 10807 The history of authority (browse) searches is now retained by the public catalog, similar to existing functionality for bibliographic searches 10907 There is a new system preference, OpacSuggestionManagedBy, to control whether a patron can see the name of the staff member who managed a purchase suggestion 10951 There is a new system preference, NoLoginInstructions, to allow customizing the message that gets displayed on the public catalog login form 10986 There is a new system preference, AdvancedSearchLanguages, to control the languages that are included on the language filter list on the advanced search page 11066 The RIS and BibTeX record exports now recognize the RDA 264 field as a source of publisher information 11101 There is now a CSS hook for customizing the item types facet label 11104 There is now a CSS hook for customizing the topics facet label 11105 There is now a CSS hook for customizing the places facet label 11256 The new system preference OpacMaxItemsToDisplay now controls the number of item records that are displayed by default on the record details page 11312 Add CSS hooks for customizing various facet labels 11465 The tabs on the "your summary" page now display the number of loans, the number of hold requests, and the patron's fine balance 11466 The purchase suggestion desired formats list now includes item types whether AdvancedSearchTypes is set to 'itemtypes' or includes 'itemtypes' as one of the selected options 11684 Removed the likelihood of getting mixed-content warnings when using SSL for the public catalog 11694 Improved the widgets for handling individual hold suspension in the Bootstrap public catalog 11786 Improved RDFa mappings in the prog and Bootstrap themes 11860 The subscription call number is now displayed on the record details page 12052 There is a new preference, OPACMySummaryNote, that can be used to display a message on the patron summary page in the public catalog Packaging ---------- 7234 koha-common Debian package now include koha-sites.conf 10003 koha-* scripts (packages) now provide tab-completion in bash 10646 koha-create now warns if mod_rewrite is not enabled 10896 Added a --verbose option to koha-translate 10942 The packages now support an option to automatically update translations as part of an upgrade 11284 Package-related updates for the new release 11655 koha-translate --list no longer shows 'en' as a translation, since it is the current base language Patrons ---------- 6739 By turning on the new system preference, BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions, expired patrons not blocked from performing actions in the public catalog such as renewing loans 9448 There is a new staff permission, updatecharges/writeoff, for controlling whether a staff member is allowed to forgive overdue fines 10318 The primary email address is now displayed on patron search results 10834 Sort 1 and Sort 2 are now searchable patron fields 10861 There is a new system preference, CardnumberLength, that can be set to require a minimum and maximum length for patron card numbers 11671 The patron list add page was restructured for improved usability 11869 The patron print summary and print receipt templates now include more information, including registration date, expiration date, library, patron category, and fines and payments information Reports ---------- 9915 The public reports web service (opac/svc/report) can now be given report parameters 11679 Report output can now be downloaded as Open Document spreadsheets. 12040 Add SMTP authentication parameters to Searching ---------- 9940 Added a new index for original language of document 9972 Added word and phrase versions of the MARC21 Lexile index and indexes for the 653, 655, and 041 fields. 10857 Users of the staff and public catalog search interfaces can now remove active facets when refining search results 11069 Words in the title now have a higher weight in relevance ranking when using QueryWeightFields 11202 Various improvements to UNIMARC biblio indexing 11334 Added ability to control which library fields are used for facets, as set by the new DisplayLibraryFacets system preference. Self checkout ---------- 11415 Automatic receipt printing in the web-based self-check interface can now be disabled by adjusting the new system preference SelfCheckReceiptPrompt Serials ---------- 10851 There are now more "missing" statuses to choose run when receiving serials, including "never received", "sold out", "damaged", and "lost" 10852 The serials search form can now filter on location, call number, and expiration date 11861 The serials claims list now includes a column for ISSN SIP2 ---------- 6273 Payments made via SIP2 now have the payment type (e.g., cash or credit card) recorded 8769 The return date passed by the SIP2 client in the check-in message is now used. Previously, the return date was always set to the current date. 9288 There is a new script to test SIP from the command line 11351 Koha item types have a new column for setting the SIP2 media type, which can be used by SIP2 devices to controlled a demagnetizer for security strips. System Administration ---------- 11596 Missing indexing options in koha-conf.xml are now reported on the abut page. 11772 The about page now displays a warning if no active currency is defined. Templates ---------- 7484 When changing the search type for an authority search, other search inputs like authority type, operator, term, and sort order are now retained 9677 The toolbar on the notices and slips page is now styled with Bootstrap 10987 Removed duplicate 'see also' and 'see from' labels from authority search results 11087 The fines tab now defaults to pay fines rather than the patron account summary 11272 Added second submit button to inventory form 11328 Local cover images are now displayed in staff client search results 11398 Fixed "occured" typo 11570 Upgraded jQueryUI to latest version in the staff client 11724 Made funds and status on suggestions page sortable/searchable 11946 Added table sorters to label batches 12088 Improved date handling and sorting in holds to pull report 12089 Removed use of dt_add_type_uk_date() 12101 Moved Greybox library outside of language-specific directory 12102 Moved humanmsg jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory 12103 Moved ajaxfileupload jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory 12107 Moved checkboxes jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory 12116 Moved fixFloat jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory 12119 Moved jeditable jQuery plugin outside of language-specific directory Test Suite ---------- 11224 Added more unit tests for C4::Acquisition 11452 Added some tests for Koha::Template::Plugin::Cache 11480 Improved tests in Output_JSON.t 11537 Increased test coverage for C4::Log 11540 Increased test coverage for C4::Charset 11541 Increased test coverage for C4::Installer 11542 Increased test coverage for C4::Print 11543 Increased test coverage for C4::Category 11544 Increased test coverage for C4::Installer_PerlModule 11545 Increased test coverage for C4::Languages Tools ---------- 2693 Added ability to filter by reviewer name on tag review page 7567 Added support for per-library news 10832 Implemented multi transport types for overdue notices 10833 Implemented multi transport types for advanced notices 10845 With the implementation of multi transport types, the legacy HOLD_PRINT notice is now merged as the print template of the HOLD notice 11343 The max number of items to process in a deletion or modification batch is now controlled by the new preference MaxItemsForBatch 11867 With the implementation of multi transport types, the legacy *_PHONE notices are now merged as per-transport templates of the HOLD, PREDUE, and OVERDUE notices 11868 The fields for setting templates for SMS and phone messages are now disabled if those transports are not in use (as determined by the SMSSendDriver and TalkingTechItivaPhoneNotification preferences) Transaction logs ---------- 11477 The transaction log now displays the name of the staff member involved, if applicable Web services ---------- 11491 Added option to supply field names in the output of the reports web service Critical bugs fixed in 3.16.0 ====================== (this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintenance releases) Acquisitions ---------- 9948 critical Acq data going on first item even if not received 11322 critical Suggestion "notes" field should be sanitized or escaped 11755 critical Argument 'booksellerid' not properly handled in 12274 critical Closed invoices not properly handled on invoice details page 4068 major Accepting a suggestion hides 'pending' tab 10613 major Gst is not calculated correctly on the invoice page 11549 major After transferring an order, receive and cancel the receipt will delete the order 11675 major Budget amount is not checked if a parent exist 11680 major Tax rate changes on edit 11699 major Notes entered when receiving are not saved 12019 major Funds displayed on acquisition home show funds of all branches 12168 major Spent and ordered budget values are wrong if deep > 2 Architecture, internals, and plumbing ---------- 11493 critical Batch Item Modification not handling Unicode characters 11660 critical Tools/ is vulnerable to displaying the contents of an arbitrary file on the server 11661 critical can be used to write arbitrary files to the server 11662 critical can write to arbitrary files on the server 11666 critical Admin/ allows execution of arbitrary SQL without authentication 12243 critical Records with invalid ISBNs can cause searches to fail 10611 major C4::Context->dbh checks if the DB is still running 11563 major Class noEnterSubmit no longer functioning 11779 major Unexpected change in logged in branch when changing overdue notice triggers Authentication ---------- 11219 critical CAS authentication fails with URL parameters Cataloging ---------- 8018 major New subfields have a default max length of zero 11286 major Bug 10602 prevents to create new subfields in authorities 11338 major Items that are captured for holds can be deleted without warning 11410 major Cataloging search finds no results for searches with ampersands Circulation ---------- 9532 major Reserve rules with itemtype on biblio Command-line Utilities ---------- 11417 major doesn't accept --test Course reserves ---------- 11534 major Impossible to remove instructors on course reserve Database ---------- 11846 major Correct database update for debarments with 9999-12-31 Hold requests ---------- 11258 major Holds queue is still making transfer requests that contradict the branch holds policy 11336 major Priority is not updated on deleting holds 11947 major Hold priorities not re-calculated when hold is confirmed on checkin. I18N/L10N ---------- 2546 major Description of charges: string hardcoded 11290 major displays badly if using non English templates and have a UTF8 char in categorycode description 11571 major Bug 7934 introduces a regression in the translate script Installation and upgrade (web-based installer) ---------- 12212 blocker Wrong number of parameters for AggressiveMatchOnISBN in sysprefs.sql 12251 blocker Error in sample_notices.sql (es-ES) Lists ---------- 11248 major Problems with translated list email sent Notices ---------- 9210 major Automatic carriage return are missing in print letters generated for holds Public Catalog ---------- 11307 critical Potential XSS attack vector in public catalog RSS feed 11341 critical XSS attack vector in facets in public catalog - prog theme 10605 major Problems with translated cart email sent 10952 major Store anonymous search history in session 11277 major Bootstrap theme: error in link for showing all facets 11535 major Patron self-registration form does not sanitize its input 11978 major OverDrive API now prepends http:// to URLs 12046 major Authentication using CAS - bootstrap Packaging ---------- 12234 blocker Package dependency updates for master 11404 major Add out-of-the-box support for Apache 2.4 Patrons ---------- 11282 blocker Not possible to create multiple restrictions from patron details/new restriction overwrites existing 10453 critical Updating child to adult loses password 11352 critical Batch Patron Deletion/Anonmyzation deletes more than warning states it will delete 12134 critical Members are restricted even if the debarment is ended 11009 major Do not allow reading records of anonymous patron 12292 major Members are restricted even if the debarment is ended - Searching ---------- 11096 major Koha cannot retrieve big records from Zebra 11533 major "use" QueryParser breaks authority search Serials ---------- 11843 blocker Manual subscription history doesn't seem to work as expected 12161 critical Serials receiving is broken 11262 major Don't require hardcoded translations for seasonal numbering pattern to work 11689 major New missing statuses is not well managed 11995 major Followup for Bug 7688 - FIX GetNextDate in 12003 major Next issues for irregular pattern not correctly predicted 12080 major Superserials permission appears to be broken Templates ---------- 766 major Use of CGI::scrolling_list prevents customization in template Test Suite ---------- 12271 critical Valid-templates.t does not test bootstrap opac templates Tools ---------- 11414 critical Marc modification template limitations should alert the user 9048 major Quote editor does not work under Plack 11287 major Import borrowers doesn't take into account the new restriction system 11412 major Bulkmarcimport can crash when searching for duplicates 12163 major Adding a new quote fails Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers ---------- 9612 major SRU Response is different when DOM indexing is enabled Other bugs fixed in 3.16.0 ====================== (this list include all bugfixes since the previous major version. Most of them have already been fixed in maintenance releases) About ---------- 7143 trivial Bug for tracking changes to the about page Acquisitions ---------- 7791 normal Deleting basket should not delete all existing orders without warning 8683 normal Acq: Clear button doesn't clear all item fields 9063 normal When ordering from staged file '# Bibs' is empty 9224 normal Acqui/ is not Plack-compatible 9593 normal Prices not imported correctly from a staged file 11018 normal Add order from a reverted file 11059 normal Not possible to sort staged dates in metric format 11111 normal The basket group is not displayed on the parcel page 11166 normal Branch filter in budgets admin uses pattern match instead of equals 11170 normal The pending order list should only display orders to receive 11171 normal The basket group is not displayed on the supplier list page 11237 normal Clarify explanation for the new pref AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived 11243 normal Supplier list counts all items, even canceled ones 11397 normal Displaying itemnumber list on the Acquisition detail tab is useless 11644 normal Cannot update fund if total is equal to amount unallocated 11777 normal Created by name is not coming in order receiving page 11798 normal Problems with column sorting and row visibility in invoices table 11914 normal Ordering from suggestions: fund (budget id) is not retained; price calculations not working 11056 minor Dead code in : remove code depending on "validate" param 11314 minor Restore ability to see only 5 entries on 11433 minor Remove attachbasket op value in 11471 minor Basket groups display 0 0 11550 minor Add a couple of unit tests for C4::Acq::GetOrder 11820 minor Dead code in : "add" operation is never invoked without a booksellerid 11845 minor Set overlay and import status translatable in 11939 minor Sample of currencies with a working active value 9654 trivial Missing space between amount and currency symbol in basket groups 12111 trivial Improving templates regarding order notes 12185 trivial Remove extra "f" from Architecture, internals, and plumbing ---------- 7965 normal Silence warns in staff error log (koha-error_log) 10626 normal Remove doubled up TT plugins 11035 normal Replace shortcut plugin jquery.hotkeys.min.js 11061 normal Koha::Calendar::_mock_init is unused 11112 normal Koha::Calendar->new loads all holidays 11148 normal Two routines are useless in Koha::DateUtils 11391 normal Suggestions.suggesteddate has a problematic default value 11616 normal The tablesorter plugin is no longer in use 11687 normal is unused 12259 normal Invalid dependency module version number 11384 minor Koha should not use "ctid" as a column name 11402 minor Labels::_guide_box should return undef if undefned data is passed 11757 minor Dependency on POE is not longer necessary 12065 minor Consistent use of encode_qp when sending basket/shelf 12076 minor Xt/tt_valid.t can miss an invalid construct 12112 minor C4::Breeding::ImportBreeding() is not used 12131 minor C4/ has an unnecessary dependency on Exporter 11077 trivial Correct silent warnings in C4/ 11587 trivial IsSuperLibrarian generates warnings 11799 trivial Housekeeping: Remove _biblionumber_sth from 11803 trivial Consistent use of $dbh in _koha_modify_item 11856 trivial Minor improvements on code documentation (omnibus) Authentication ---------- 7002 normal Inaccurate checks for borrower flags == 1 11048 normal Fix logout redirection for CAS authentication Cataloging ---------- 7125 normal Can't change tag in frameworks 7442 minor Crash when selecting an authority with 200$x or 200$y 9114 minor Exported MARC frameworks encoding should be UTF-8 10808 minor Thesaurus search form does not correspond to current search query 11313 minor Empty value in mandatory combobox in record edition 11955 minor Remove spaces in empty indicators after linking an authority to a biblio record. 11316 trivial Plugin icon missing tooltip in 11611 trivial Fix possible confusion between UNIMARC and MARC21 in some sysprefs Circulation ---------- 11756 normal Hold ratios report sorting incorrectly 11075 minor Clicking 'select all' link in export tab in checkout page clears renew checkboxes 11231 minor Notes should be reservenotes in and Command-line Utilities ---------- 11188 minor Make die on failed open() 12288 minor Search Errors with AggressiveMatchOnISBN turned on Course reserves ---------- 11179 minor shows item as available when it is checked out Database ---------- 5377 normal Database fields too small for multiple ISBN and ISSN 11155 normal PostgreSQL schema contains syntax errors 11249 normal Add db indexes on borrowers names 11275 normal Make deleteditems.materials of type text 11928 normal Table aqorderdelivery seem useless 6331 minor Obsolete marc column in deleteditems Documentation ---------- 11483 normal New serial pages missing help 12244 normal Help Files for Koha 3.16 11383 minor There is no help page for the marc modification templates tool 11403 minor Renew page missing help file Hold requests ---------- 8918 normal ILS-DI: HoldTitle and HoldItem do not calculate rank of hold 11445 normal It is possible for duplicate hold notifications to be sent 11531 normal Cannot add new libraries to the transport cost if previously used. 12000 normal Staff users can set hold suspension dates to occur in the past 12079 normal CheckReserves() and _Findgroupreserve do not return reserve_id 9788 minor Improvements for calling GetReservesFromItemnumber 10452 minor AllowHoldsOnDamagedItems should control using damaged items to fulfill holds I18N/L10N ---------- 5052 normal Can't choose languages if all choices are sublanguages 11225 normal n in translation strings should be removed 11227 normal Staff po files contain some Javascript 11411 normal Bootstrap theme (enhancement) for (right to left). 11488 normal Untranslatable warning "Are you sure you want to write off ..." 11505 normal Untranslatable table headers in Label batch manager 11588 normal Untranslatable subscription frequency units 11618 normal JQuery timepicker is not picked up by the i18n toolchain 11646 normal Untranslatable confirm popup in field 006 and 008 builders 11686 normal "please note your reason here..." does not get translated 11731 normal Typo "tranports" in installation 12034 normal MSG_REMOVE_FROM_LIST different wording between public catalog and staff client 12056 normal Untranslatable strings in calendar 12081 normal does not delete temp files 12240 normal Update of Italian SQL files (no marc setup) - 3.16 12241 normal Update of Italian SQL files (MARC setup) - 3.16 11363 minor Label printer profile units are not translatable 11366 minor Acq basket group "No group" untranslatable 11497 minor I18n toolchain fails to pick up TT code in the format 'SomeVariable or "Some Text"' for translation 11508 minor Untranslatable pull-down in 11639 minor Untranslatable strings in 007 builder 11973 minor Fix Armenian language description 11993 minor Untranslatable confirm popup in 10818 trivial System preference OAI-PMH:ConfFile isn't translatable 11189 trivial Rename Print label in UNIMARC advanced search 11393 trivial Language menu not show up as name for Thai (th-THA was shown) Installation and upgrade (command-line installer) ---------- 10580 normal Remove NoZebra reference from 10729 normal Support phrases-icu.xml in install and upgrade Installation and upgrade (web-based installer) ---------- 11260 normal Update German web installer 11261 normal Sample frequencies and numbering patterns should better be mandatory on install 12282 normal RESERVESLIP wrong in German sample notices 7841 minor Several warnings on language from webinstaller 12209 minor Fix currency symbol for NOK Label/patron card printing ---------- 8375 normal Common diacritics not shown correctly when exporting batch label to PDF 9854 normal Add 'ttf-dejavu*' packages to debian/control file, for label printing (bug 8375) 11222 normal A regression on done by Bug 9239 Lists ---------- 8262 normal Special kohaadmin cannot create lists 10714 minor Redirect to list contents view upon save after initiating edit from list contents view MARC Authority data support ---------- 10691 normal 5xx not properly linked by authid in authority search result list 10905 minor Author tracings incorrect when UseAuthoritiesForTracings is turned on 11652 minor Merging authority records does not correct biblios 11797 minor Odd number of elements in anonymous hash MARC Bibliographic data support ---------- 11004 normal Make xmlControlfield.js use the marcflavour syspref to look for XML files 11695 normal Typo: "Tree-character alphabetic code" 11762 normal Sequence of MARC21 245 subfields different on XSLT result list and detail page 11912 minor GetMarcISBN wrongly prepends a space to ISBNs MARC Bibliographic record staging/import ---------- 11923 normal Marc record batches not sorting by citation descending Notices ---------- 8258 normal Branch specific DUEDGST notice is not used 9216 normal Make table headings translatable 11696 normal Multi transport types: the print notices should be processed in first 11760 normal In notices, code of road type is used instead of description 8168 minor Ersatz CSV header in attachment of overdue notices sent to administrator 11732 trivial Eliminate warning on undefined branchcode Public Catalog ---------- 8952 normal Add http:// to URL in social media links on opac-detail 10195 normal Records hidden with OpacSuppression can still be accessed. Two new system preferences, OpacSuppressionMessage and OpacSuppressionRedirect, can now be used to control what should be displayed if a patron tries to view a suppressed record. 10647 normal Make public catalog MARC plain view work for all flavours of MARC 10865 normal Don't show list permissions when adding public lists/sharing lists is not allowed 11127 normal public catalog suggestion: the delete link is active when no suggestion selected 11183 normal Warnings in opac 11304 normal Holding tabs are now properly displayed in translated Bootstrap public catalogs 11308 normal RSS feed is slightly broken in bootstrap theme 11310 normal Update XSLT stylesheets in bootstrap theme 11489 normal public catalog search results in 404 error when the only search result is suppressed 11647 normal Subscribe to email notification for serials needs user login 11743 normal Remove unused DataTables plugin from public catalog theme directories 11768 normal Show patron cardnumber in opac personal details 11809 normal public catalog patron details form shouldn't show 'Clear date' if field is required 11951 normal public catalog search suggestions template error 11986 normal Tags searching doesn't work in public catalog if biblio DOM indexing is being used 12058 normal OverDrive search results page doesn't show cart, lists, or login links 8661 minor Break out additional authors in opac like in staff 9723 minor Hourly loans don't show time due in public catalog 10781 minor Remove C4::ILSDI::Utility 10797 minor Move styling from element to CSS file for search input field in public catalog 10944 minor Mixed content warnings in results and detail with Amazon images on https 11242 minor Fix bizarre ordering of data and noisy warnings 11342 minor Error with opac self registration if BorrowersTitles is empty 11381 minor IDreamBooks too close to title on bootstrap 11476 minor public catalog self registration title pull down offers 2 empty options 11516 minor public catalog highlight lost in results browser 11522 minor Self registration formatting 11709 minor Bootstrap public catalog lists interface requires some revisions 11752 minor In public catalog, the serials details display the wrong periodicity 12073 minor public catalog detail page printing show links URL 10798 trivial OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT behaves badly with search groups 11094 trivial Bootstrap theme: typo loaction 11174 trivial Wrong parameter 'valuec' in opac-authoritiessearchresultlist 11329 trivial Check for marc record in opac-showmarc 11663 trivial Bootstap theme opac holding tab improperly displayed when opacbookbag syspref is disabled Packaging ---------- 10735 normal Koha-dump not working 11705 normal New Debian policy enforcement is breaking the build script 8921 minor Koha-common*.deb should depend on cron 11509 trivial Koha-create should print better usage information 11510 trivial Typo in koha-translate usage message Patrons ---------- 11184 normal Fix wrong attribute type cloning 11207 normal Impossibility to remove a sms number 11283 normal Restriction type is not translatable 11628 normal Staffaccess permission is missing in french userflags.sql file 11707 normal Additional attributes broken for category code with space 12069 normal If you access members/ when logged out you are redirected to public catalog login 12100 normal Messaging preferences did not save Days in Advance 12198 normal Guarantor search makes incorrect and unnecessary call to GetMemberIssuesAndFines 11125 minor Remove Problematic Logic from Patron Messaging Preferences Form 11802 minor Patron purchase suggestions page requires some corrections 11855 trivial Tiny code cleanup in members Reports ---------- 11704 normal Wrong headers in {opac|intranet}/svc/report 11833 normal Filtering on saved report subgroup doesn't work 12114 normal Reports web service JSON output has an encoding problem 10777 minor allows for sending html reports via email, but mimetype is wrong 12214 minor SQL errors in reports are not shown to user Searching ---------- 7518 normal Searches with quotation marks don't work 10688 normal QueryParser doesn't recognize QP queries when used in a fielded search box 10893 normal Location facet not working in UNIMARC 11131 normal Authority search does not display summary while searching by all auth types 11192 normal Fix two definitions in 11252 normal should not have --munge-config 11255 normal Sort by relevance asc generates a wrong query 11741 normal < > not displaying correctly in XSLT result list 11796 normal Results with 6 facets have missing facet 4397 minor Display problems (umlauts, ß) with scan index in advanced search 6886 minor Single branch mode should disable showing the branch name in front of all callnumbers 9578 minor Error when search and sort not on relevance 10544 minor Stocknumber index is an alias of Number-local-acquisition 11635 minor 995$r defined twice in record.abs 11572 trivial Keyword searches no longer detect isbn from "Search the catalog" 11619 trivial Duplicate key in QueryParser config Self checkout ---------- 11773 normal Crash 'undefined value as a HASH' in 9724 minor Hourly loans don't show time due in SCO 11415 minor SCO has no option to disable automatic receipt printing 11784 minor Patron images broken in Self checkout Serials ---------- 10837 normal Exporting serial claims does not work if no notice defined 11091 normal Limits in catalog search when creating subscription 11228 normal Explanation on 'patron notification' is not quite right 11263 normal New 'locale' setting in subscriptions is not user friendly 11265 normal Problems with locale saving/editing on serial subscriptions 11309 normal Duplicated patterns when subscription table is updated 11637 normal No way to prevent a prediction date for the next issue in serials 10429 minor Branch filter not working in serial claims 11214 minor Allow create routing list in serial collection page 11416 minor Serials editor improperly hides fields 12048 minor Doesn't display other libraries subscriptions when superlibrarian user 12098 minor User can edit some subcriptions he should be prevented to SIP2 ---------- 9865 normal Make SIP2 message encoding configurable via SIPconfig.xml 11783 normal Record level unavailable holds sending empty CD field rather than item barcode Staff Client ---------- 10415 normal Add course reserves to staff client home page 11369 major Fixes a bug where the staff interface would cease to function for a user session after making multiple searches 11906 normal Bad display of utf-8 chars in Patron lists (Datatable) 12060 normal Indentation issues allow markup errors in 12075 normal JQueryUI upgrade broke keyboard shortcuts 12024 minor Add to list opens the list adding UI in two windows 12071 minor Javascript broken for a search with double quotes 9075 trivial Rename type to material type System Administration ---------- 7491 normal Description for item-level_itypes is misleading 10012 minor Remove all traces of NoZebraIndexes 11513 minor Warnings in Patron categories Templates ---------- 2310 normal Delete grayed out w/out explanation 10661 normal Mandatory item fields should be formatted the same on all forms 10751 normal Title should be mandatory for creating suggestions in staff 10790 normal Adding/editing item types screen mis aligned if noItemTypeImages not showing 11117 normal Right to left text in facets + facet count = mixed text 11503 normal Several typos 11692 normal Number 9 showing on topissues 11710 normal Use new DataTables include in cataloging Z39.50 search template 11711 normal Use new DataTables include in circ templates 11713 normal Use new DataTables include in course reserves templates 11716 normal Use new DataTables include in label manage template 11717 normal Use new DataTables include in member templates 11718 normal Use new DataTables include in reports templates 11719 normal Use new DataTables include in serials templates 11721 normal Use new DataTables include in suggestions template 11734 normal Use new DataTables include in batch modification templates 11735 normal Use new DataTables include in calendar template 11736 normal Use new DataTables include in Koha news templates 11737 normal Use new DataTables include in quotes management template 11738 normal Use new DataTables include in batch patron modification template 11739 normal Use new DataTables include in notices template 11740 normal Use new DataTables include in quotes upload template 11748 normal Remove unused jquery.uitablefilter.js plugin 11753 normal Replace jQuery qTip plugin with Bootstrap tooltip on patron search form 11794 normal OpacSerialDefaultTab being ignored 11819 normal Don't show catalog edit menu if user has no edit permissions 11821 normal Staff client catalog: delete menu items greyed out without explanation 11829 normal JavaScript error on staff client biblio details pages if template variables are undefined 11877 normal Eliminate use of deprecated jQuery .live() method 11878 normal Eliminate use of deprecated jQuery .toggle() method usage 11885 normal Inconsistent HTML in MARC Details 12094 normal JQueryUI upgrade broke default tab selection 12105 normal Remove duplicated plugin jquery.dataTables.columnFilter.js 12117 normal Remove unused image myshadow.png from the staff client 12118 normal Unnecessary YUI assets included in offline circ manifest 12127 normal Incorrect DataTable types in Holds to Pull list 12195 normal Remove duplicated plugin jquery.dataTables.min.js 12196 normal Remove unused jquery.qtip.js plugin 10825 minor displays duplicated enumchron values for serial items 11502 minor Branch filter in "Holds To Pull" is too fuzzy 11648 minor Use word item instead of copy 11649 minor Always use words "copy number" 11670 minor Remove sorting from patron lists action columns 11749 minor Remove unused jQuery plugin jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js from the staff client 11764 minor Move repeatedly redefined function toUC() into staff-global.js 11765 minor Remove unused function isDate from templates 11832 minor JavaScript error on staff client place hold screen if record has no items 12206 minor Malformed HTML in search result other holdings list 10823 trivial Add class info to enumchron data in, for better styling 11246 trivial Followup for Bug 10465 fields 780 and 785 in UNIMARC XSLT should be removed in bootstrap theme 11554 trivial Capitalization fix in patron account on fines tab 11608 trivial Don't need the word 'library' on funds 11918 trivial Typo on authorized value page 11935 trivial Capitalization: public catalog prog theme, checkouts tab 11938 trivial Capitalization: Serial prediction pattern preview - Publication Date Test Suite ---------- 11124 normal The staff benchmark script does not work with sql administrator account 11439 normal UT: XISBN.t returns failure 11457 normal T/db_dependent/Bookseller.t can fail when subscription table is not empty 11499 normal not correctly setting indexing mode 11470 minor Circulation_transfers.t can fail, spuriously 11934 trivial Replace given by if-else in Circulation_issuingrules.t Tools ---------- 5031 normal CSV export profile form doesn't indicate that profile marcfields are required 10996 normal Cannot exclude numeric subfields on export 11208 normal Multi transport types: a sms message without sms number should be marked as failed 11209 normal Multi transport types: same messages are sent for a patron 11245 normal Typo in javascript string 11254 normal Breeding search must normalize ISBN 11279 normal Quote of the day feature won't pick a quote 11475 normal Batch modification process ends with broken link 11636 normal Impossible to remove patrons from patron list during add process 12032 normal TinyMCE rewrites urls in a very annoying and unexpected way 11253 minor Tools/ output_pref ignores 'iso' parameter passed 12115 minor Follow up fix for tools/'s output_pref issues Transaction logs ---------- 11473 normal View log template has malformed conditionals, and logging info incorrect/inconsistent/unexpected Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers ---------- 1047 normal Punctuation in site names breaks Edit/Delete z39.50 server administration 11701 normal Fix C4::Context::Zconn 11419 minor Z39.50 searches not displaying errors New sysprefs in 3.16.0 ====================== * AcquisitionDetails * AdvancedSearchLanguages * AggressiveMatchOnISBN * AllowMultipleIssuesOnABiblio * BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions * DisplayLibraryFacets * EnableSearchHistory * MarcFieldsToOrder * MaxItemsForBatch * NoLoginInstructions * OpacMaxItemsToDisplay * OPACMySummaryNote * OpacSuggestionManagedBy * OpacSuppressionMessage * OpacSuppressionRedirect * SelfCheckReceiptPrompt * SpecifyReturnDate