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Koha 3.6.4 ya disponible

5 de marzo de 2012

Como ya lo habíamos anunciado, se liberado la nueva versión de Koha 3.6.4

La actualización está accesible en:

Cambios importantes:

Highlights of 3.6.4

6488	critical	opachiddenitems not working in master
6634	critical	manager_id not populated when paying fines
6984	critical	Holds Statistics Doesn't Work
7018	critical	need all acq permissions to search
7339	critical	Help System in IE8-9 Does Not Load With 500 Error
7359	critical	Begin migration to a new "Koha" namespace from the old "C4" namespace
7432	critical	Changing frameworks should refresh cache
7450	critical	Missing placeholders in admin/
7551	critical	Any logged-in OPAC user can renew items for others using a properly constructed URL
2012	major		Add bilio crashes under no zebra
3264	major		Uncloning a dropdown list in MARC authorities/biblio editor may clear all subfields (see comment 17)
5327	major		Unit tests required for all C4 modules
6115	major		Acquisition reports : date filter & sorting don't work
6490	major		Lost and paid not updated when book is checked out without check-in
6631	major		Unrestricted creation of lists by anonymous users
6718	major		No manager_id saved for writeoff of fines
6842	major		Branch transfer limits broken
7005	major		no confirmation for write off all
7431	major		OPAC item hold list doesn't show 'checked out'
7459	major		Can only add to one public list in OPAC search results

Bugs fixed in 3.6.4

5473	normal		952 fields should be filled in by Acquisitions
6598	normal		OPACFineNoRenewals syspreference does not stop user renewing in opac
6694	normal		Anonymous sessions not kept when casAuthentication is on
7114	normal		Hiding filters on funds page messes with layout
7127	normal		Templates must be valid XHTML
7190	normal		written off fines being refunded
7350	normal		In New order the "+" button duplicates input text but not the "selected" in ddl
7402	normal		invoice not showing received titles
7406	normal		saved reports not showing right number
7409	normal		Missing dependencies for Debian package
7457	normal makes a lot of noise in the logs
7466	normal		Cart notification popup should appear onscreen even when button is offscreen
7472	normal		Edit button ineffective when paying borrower fee
7476	normal		Files executable that probably should not be
7489	normal		Implement DisplayOPACiconsXSLT for NORMARC XSLT
7501	normal		OPAC authority browser should mark alternate rows as highlighted
7521	normal		Cannot receive serials without full serials permissions
4376	enhancement	A minor change in the “GetMarcAuthors†  function of C4/ would allow differentiate the type of authors in the templates
5346	enhancement	Linking suggestions & orders
6210	enhancement	Choose framework on Merge
6299	enhancement	Provide a list of authorized values for relator terms
6314	enhancement	UNIMARC OPAC XSL improvements
6323	enhancement	Attach/move items - adding option "try again" after success or wrong barcode
6752	enhancement	Be stricter with utf-8 output
6790	enhancement	C4::Serials::getroutinglist returns unnecessary variable
6838	enhancement	Filtering and pagination in subscriptions table
6865	enhancement	Replace image-based gradient backgrounds with CSS3 gradients
6913	enhancement	Improving koha-list and koha-create
6985	enhancement	Hide "kw,wrdl:" from Search Results
7080	enhancement	Clean up interface on fine payment screens
7083	enhancement	Show creator name on list of public lists
7090	enhancement	Add "AllowItemsOnHandCheckout" syspref to allow issue to the patron regardless of hold status
7148	enhancement	Add some error handling to Acquisitions' Z39.50 search to match Cataloging's
7157	enhancement	Improve the cronjob
7201	enhancement	Hold to pull report needs extra fields
7246	enhancement --limit option to allow partial re-indexing
7289	enhancement	edition statement field
7343	enhancement	search tag usability in MARC framework
7345	enhancement	Should be possible to export MARC records without private fields
7355	enhancement	Note subfields are not displayed in TEXTAREA if hidden
7357	enhancement	Subscriptions titles are replaced by "---" when duplicated
7458	enhancement	New call number allocation plugin
7511	enhancement	Caching Templates
7514	enhancement	Choose OPAC language with URL parameter
7532	enhancement	opac-ics depends on Date::ICal which is largely unmaintained

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