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Koha 3.10.1 ya disponible!!!!!!

26 de diciembre de 2012

The Koha release team is proud to announce the release of Koha 3.10.1 this is the latest stable release and contains bugfixes.

You can obtain this release from or in the debian packages when they are available.

21 Dec 2012

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package 
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, 
volunteers, and support companies from around the world.  
The website for the Koha project is 

Koha 3.10.1 can be downloaded from: Installation instructions can be found at: OR in the INSTALL files that come in the tarball Koha 3.10.1 is a bugfix/maintenance release. Major fixes in 3.10.1 ====================== Acquisitions ---------- 9106 critical Filtering list of uncertain price list by owner empties order information Hold requests ---------- 5801 major C4::Circulation::_GetCircControlBranch should not be used in Installation and upgrade (command-line installer) ---------- 9135 blocker fails when DEBUG is set MARC Authority data support ---------- 9132 major Paging through OPAC authority search results does not work Packaging ---------- 9052 blocker YUI assets installed in the wrong place by packages Test Suite ---------- 9142 blocker Failing test case in 3.10.0 release. Other bugs fixed in 3.10.1 ====================== Acquisitions ---------- 8557 normal in and the use of a barcode scan send the form unexpectedly 9168 normal Software error when filtering in receipt summary Authentication ---------- 9008 normal Warn if librarian logged-in with mysql/admin account Browser compatibility ---------- 7687 minor Remove problematic CSS gradient declarations targeting Internet Explorer Cataloging ---------- 9123 normal Authorities search ordered by authid does not work Circulation ---------- 8559 normal conflicting item statuses 8781 minor Access to Transfer page while "independent branches" is on Command-line Utilities ---------- 9235 minor Hardcoded values in cronjobs/ Documentation ---------- 8945 normal Koha 3.10 Help Files Update I18N/L10N ---------- 9020 trivial Translate new permissions for 3.10 MARC Bibliographic record staging/import ---------- 9144 trivial - Problem identifying errors OPAC ---------- 8515 normal OPAC password change does not obey OpacPasswordChange 8660 normal Tag status does not show on multiple tag add 9115 normal basket window should close automatically when placing a hold 9287 normal socialnetworks is enabled by default 8981 minor Remove Nonpublic General Note from OPAC authorities display 8983 minor Typo error in UNIMARCslim2OPACResults.xsl 9098 minor Replace tabulations by spaces in 8546 trivial Error in description of OPAC Advanced Search Publication date range search 9059 trivial Increase size of opac-sendbasket window Packaging ---------- 9260 normal koha-run-backups complains "[: 97: missing ]" Reports ---------- 6602 normal Reports dictionary doesn't properly recognize text columns 9033 normal Wide character error in Searching ---------- 8946 minor Wrong label and missing values in UNIMARC coded fields advanced search System Administration ---------- 8163 trivial Click to populate XSLT preferences with "default" or empty values Templates ---------- 8986 normal Batch patron modification template corrections 9073 normal Download option from the cart should match the menu button in lists 6680 trivial Cart download choices not understandable to patrons 9275 trivial Missing '<' closing pharagraph tag Tools ---------- 5521 normal item edit form appears if no items found Enhancements in 3.10.1 ====================== About ---------- 8641 Add information warning about log-in as root user to About->System information Acquisitions ---------- 8117 Divide budget periods into two tabs Circulation ---------- 8758 Code seems useless in circ/ Installation and upgrade (web-based installer) ---------- 9101 Add REPORT_GROUP to authorised values sample data Packaging ---------- 8878 koha-shell: a command to make using koha commands easier Searching ---------- 9134 There is no previous link on the second page of the search results page Templates ---------- 9137 Focus when editing/adding new itemtypes/authorised values Modified sysprefs in 3.10.1 ====================== * SocialNetworks