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Koha 3.14 Ya tenemos Releseate Team!!!

11 de abril de 2013

The Koha Community is pleased to announce the release team for Koha version 3.14. The team includes volunteers from nine countries, and represent Koha support companies and libraries from around the world.

Release Manager for 3.14: Galen Charlton, USA, Equinox
Translation Manager: D Ruth Bavousett, USA
Documentation Manager, Database Doc Manager: Nicole Engard, USA, ByWater Solutions
Installation Documentation Managers: Mason James, New Zealand, KohaAloha and Samuel Desseaux, France
Quality Assurance Manager: Katrin Fischer, Germany, BSZ
Quality Assurance Team: Marcel de Rooy, Netherlands, Rijksmuseum; Chris Cormack, New Zealand, Catalyst IT; Jonathan Druart, France, Biblibre; Brendan Gallagher, USA, ByWater Solutions; Mason James, New Zealand, KohaAloha; Paul Poulain, France, Biblibre; Kyle M Hall, USA, ByWater Solutions
Release Maintainers: Tomás Cohen Arazi, Argentina, UNC – 3.12.x; Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel, Argentina, 3.10.x; Chris Hall, New Zealand, Catalyst IT – 3.8.x.
Packaging Manager: Robin Sheat, New Zealand, Catalyst IT
Live CD/DVD Magager: Nguyen Quoc Uy, Vietnam
VM Manager: Samuel Desseaux, France
Bug Wrangler: Magnus Enger, Norway, Libriotech
Newsletter Editor: Daniel Grobani, USA, Samuel Merritt University

Thanks to our volunteers, and here’s to a successful 3.14 Release!

PS. No, it’s not really code name Pi. But it could be!