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Koha 3.22.1 liberado

29 de diciembre de 2015

La comunidad de Koha se complace en anunciar la presentación de la nueva versión de Koha 3.22.1

Esta actualización es una versión de mantenimiento y corrección de bugs. (fuente:

Critical bugs fixed in Koha 3.22.1


  • Items table on detail page can be broken (major – bug 15256)


  • Nonpublic note not appearing in the staff client (major – bug 13024)


  • Software error: Can’t locate object method “field” via package “aqorders.datereceived” in reports/ (major – bug 15250)
  • SQL reports encoding problem (major – bug 15290)

Other bugs fixed in Koha 3.22.1


  • Ordering from staged file in acq should not offer authority records (normal – bug 9184)
  • Fix date display when transferring an order (minor – bug 15202)

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • Perl scripts missing exec permission (minor – bug 15193)
  • Remove unused file circ/ from system (trivial – bug 15230)


  • Items with no holdingbranch causes user’s holds display to freeze (normal – bug 14846)
  • t/db_dependent/Reserves.t depends on external data/configuration (normal – bug 15244)
  • Redirect to ‘expired holds’ tab after cancelling a hold (minor – bug 13838)

Command-line Utilities

  • table option (-t) doesn’t work (normal – bug 15325)


  • Fix localcover display (minor – bug 11602)
  • RIS only outputs the first 10 characters for either ISBN10 or ISBN13 (minor – bug 14971)


  • Saved auth login and password are used in patron creation from (normal – bug 14599)

Staff Client

  • Checkouts and Fines tabs missing category description on the left (normal – bug 14349)


  • Enable use of IntranetUserCSS and intranetcolorstylesheet on staff client login page (normal – bug 11038)
  • Display Branch names and itemtype descriptions on the returns page (normal – bug 15216)
  • Holds to pull report should show library and itype description instead of their codes (minor – bug 12152)


  • Buttons on patron list main page funny after font awesome (trivial – bug 15223)