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Koha 16.11.01 disponible

10 de enero de 2017

La comunidad de Koha se complace en liberar la versión Koha 16.11.01, una versión de mantenimiento.


It includes 34 bugfixes.

Critical bugs fixed


  • [14541] Tax rate should not be forced to an arbitrary precision
  • [17668] typo in listinct vs listincgst
  • [17692] Can’t add library EAN under Plack

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [17676] Default COLLATE for marc_subfield_structure is not set
  • [17720] CSRF token is not generated correctly


  • [16376] Koha::Calendar->is_holiday date truncation creates fatal errors for TZ America/Santiago
  • [17709] Article request broken


  • [16914] Export csv in item search, exports all items in one line

Installation and upgrade (command-line installer)

  • [17292] Use of DBIx in broke upgrade (from bug 12375)


  • [17344] Can’t set guarantor in quick add brief form


  • [15822] STAFF Advanced search error date utils
  • [16951] Item search sorting not working properly for most columns
  • [17743] Item search: indexes build on MARC do not work in item’s search

Web services

  • [17744] OAI: oai_dc has no element named dcCollection

Other bugs fixed

Architecture, internals, and plumbing

  • [17666] .perl atomic update does not work under kohadevbox
  • [17681] Existing typos might thow some fees when recieved
  • [17713] Members.t is failing randomly
  • [17733] Members.t is still failing randomly


  • [17395] exporting checkouts in CSV generates a file with wrong extension
  • [17761] Renewing or returning item via the checkouts table causes lost and damaged statuses to disappear

Hold requests

  • [17749] Missing l in ‘.pl’ in link on

Installation and upgrade (web-based installer)

  • [17577] Improve sample notices for article requests

MARC Bibliographic data support

  • [17547] (MARC21) Chronological term link subfield 648$9 not indexed


  • [11274] Sent Notices Tab Not Working Correctly


  • [17652] does not include login branchcode
  • [17696] Two missing periods in


  • [14699] Intranet search history issues due to DataTables pagination

Self checkout

  • [16873] Renewal error message not specific enough on self check.

Staff Client

  • [17670] Grammar mistakes – ‘effect’ vs. ‘affect’

Test Suite

  • [17714] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/Members/* warnings
  • [17715] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/Holds/RevertWaitingStatus.t warnings
  • [17716] Remove itemtype-related t/db_dependent/CourseReserves.t warnings
  • [17722] t/db_dependent/PatronLists.t doesn’t run inside a transaction
  • [17759] Fixing theoretical problems with guarantorid in Members.t